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Hi my name is Manpreet and I'm currently a 2nd year student studying Mathematics. I have 2 more years left to complete my degree because after my 2nd year is complete I will hopefully be doing a sandwich year. Those of you who don't know, a sandwich year is a year out in industry in any company related to your degree. You will have to apply to these companies yourself with help from the university. I chose maths not because I'm super smart (I wish!!) but because I enjoyed it that much that putting all that hard work in was worth it. It didn't feel like it was something that I had to do rather it was something that I really enjoy doing.

I grew up in one of the best towns in South East London - Abbey Wood. I know most of you are like huh where's that? The way I describe it to most people is it's close to Plumstead if they haven’t heard of that town then its next to Woolwich where most people have heard of maybe for the wrong reasons. I've grown up in the same house all my life which is a good 5 minute walk from Abbey Wood station, so it’s a convenient place to live. 

I have been really blessed to have a big family to support me and keep me company if I get bored and who I can talk to about anything. I have two brothers and two sisters and I am the second youngest. I have a little brother who is a year younger than me (18) so we are all pretty much adults now!! The University of Greenwich was always my first choice with a good reputation and close to home :)

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