Thursday, 19 February 2015

Second dose of coursework

Hiii I hope you are well! We are now well into February so that means the second round of coursework is out then before we know it exams will start. I’m now going to share some useful tips on coursework that might help you especially if you’re doing a degree that might consist of mathematics:
1) READ then RE READ - it’s important that you know what the question is asking of you so you don’t waste your time answering the question in the wrong way. Then you can write some notes (The key points to the question) so you’re absolute clear to what is asked of you.
2) If it’s possible to answer the question in different ways do so because you will know if your answer is correct and then work on the questions you are unsure about.
3) Check that you have given the appropriate additional requirements for example if you have been asked to write a computer programme make sure you provide the evidence, this might be the script file, also you might need to also run the programme and show the output so make sure you have provided the correct evidence to ensure you achieve the maximum amount of marks.
4) If you don’t understand the wording of the question or you’re not sure how to approach the question then CONTACT the lecturer. You can spend ages on a question then a few helpful words from the lecturer can help a great deal.

I hope these tips help you when it comes to completing your coursework :)