Monday, 23 March 2015

Final year options

Hello everyone it’s been about a month since my last blog and to be honest not a great deal has happened; now it’s all about juggling coursework and exam revision. Well I haven’t started revision but I will soon!!  As I will be doing a placement year I haven’t thought a great deal about my third year options, but I have an important decision to make, these are the following options I can take:

Research Methods and Mathematics Project OR UAS: Mathematics Education and Communication OR Mathematics Work Placement (30 credits)

Six 15-credit options from:

Actuarial Mathematics and Risk Modelling,  Advanced Statistical Models,  Coding and Cryptography; Dynamical Systems and Chaos, Financial Time Series, Graph Theory and Combinatorics,  Industrial Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Society, Mathematics of Decision Making, Mathematics for the Life Sciences,  Methods for Non-linear Mathematics,  Modelling and Analysis of Financial Instruments, Models and Algorithms for Scheduling, Numerical Solutions of PDEs, Optimisation Techniques, Real Analysis Statistical Models (90 credits)

I’m unsure what to pick for the 30 credit course as it can be a teaching placement (UAS), Mathematical work placement or a project (dissertation). As I’m going on a yearlong placement I won’t be choosing the mathematics placement. I am now torn with whether I want to do a master’s programme as it will be ideal to have done a project or whether I want to become a teacher so the experience will be needed to get onto a PGCE programme. I think it’s really important when making final year decisions to look at everything and take everything into account from what lecturer is teaching the course, when the exams are and whether or not there is coursework.