Monday, 13 October 2014

Starting 2nd year

Hi guys!! I’m no longer a first year, now I am going into me second year and lots of things have changed since last year. I’ve changed part time jobs I worked at River Island for a year having that extra money helped a lot and made first year a lot more social and exciting! I now work for the Enquiry Unit for the university which is a big difference from doing laps around the shop floor to sitting down for most of my shift.

The second year is very different to first year, I spent most of my first year sitting in lecture’s playing candy crush checking Facebook, eating and having a quick nap and didn’t really fall behind because the content was a lot easier for me to get my head round it but now if I bend down to get a drink out of my bag I have no idea what’s going on or even when I’m trying to listen and paying my full attention I still end up getting lost. I have come up with a solution which I didn’t really do for my first year is to go over the lecture before you come in! It helps a lot so you know what you don’t understand and can ask questions.

The one thing I was very excited about starting 2nd year was the new Stockwell Street library J It is open for use and it’s amazing! It’s a real home away from home. They even have a Starbucks - this doesn’t really excite me because I hate tea and coffee but I like the flapjacks they do.

These first few weeks were pretty much getting used to lectures and tutorials and just getting back into the routine after having 4-ish months off now it’s time to get stuck in!! Until next time peeps J J