Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cold winter and coursework

Hi everyone!! Well this time just flew on by; it has been 2 months since the start of the academic year. It’s safe to say that everyone one is busy with coursework or placements or combination of both.  I’ve been pretty busy with coursework (I know what you’re thinking I have heard it so many times how can a maths student have coursework) it’s basically solving equations and some computer programming.

The time is nearly here where snow is going to hit and it is extremely cold and before you know it London will stand still when the snow hits because you know we don’t handle the snow very well. When it comes to travelling and trying to get to university during this period it can be extremely difficult and sometimes nearly impossible so that’s why students normally decide to stay at home and do their work which is sometimes the smarter idea so make sure you be safe during this time and study hard.
These two months are very important to a student at university and if you get ahead of your work now you will find it a lot easier when January comes along and the material becomes more intense. It is also a good chance to get really good coursework grades to relieve the pressure of exams and it is 50% which always helps!!

I will leave you with two things that have made me laugh as laughter helps everything:

These are my 2 videos of month J

Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"

YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2014

Monday, 13 October 2014

Starting 2nd year

Hi guys!! I’m no longer a first year, now I am going into me second year and lots of things have changed since last year. I’ve changed part time jobs I worked at River Island for a year having that extra money helped a lot and made first year a lot more social and exciting! I now work for the Enquiry Unit for the university which is a big difference from doing laps around the shop floor to sitting down for most of my shift.

The second year is very different to first year, I spent most of my first year sitting in lecture’s playing candy crush checking Facebook, eating and having a quick nap and didn’t really fall behind because the content was a lot easier for me to get my head round it but now if I bend down to get a drink out of my bag I have no idea what’s going on or even when I’m trying to listen and paying my full attention I still end up getting lost. I have come up with a solution which I didn’t really do for my first year is to go over the lecture before you come in! It helps a lot so you know what you don’t understand and can ask questions.

The one thing I was very excited about starting 2nd year was the new Stockwell Street library J It is open for use and it’s amazing! It’s a real home away from home. They even have a Starbucks - this doesn’t really excite me because I hate tea and coffee but I like the flapjacks they do.

These first few weeks were pretty much getting used to lectures and tutorials and just getting back into the routine after having 4-ish months off now it’s time to get stuck in!! Until next time peeps J J